Rippy Road Construction Project

                   UPDATE: NOVEMBER 15, 2023--ROAD CLOSURE

Rippy Road Lane Closure Notification 


Beginning Wednesday, November 15, 2023, XIT Paving & Construction will close eastbound Rippy Road from Cedar Street to FM 2499 to allow for installation of Stormwater box culverts and street improvements. Please see the map below for closure limits. Please follow the marked detours and use Waketon Road or College Parkway as alternate routes.


The Pecan Meadows HOA Board has been in contact with the Town of Flower Mound regarding the construction project impacting Rippy Road.  The following is information that was shared by the Assistant Director of Engineering for the Town of Flower Mound:

Above  is a portion of the construction plans that show the limits of work in front of Pecan Meadows. The shaded area is the proposed road and stormwater work. You can expect the area of disruption to extend slightly past the shaded area but not beyond the ROW line. It is anticipated the stormwater work to be in late June-ish but it really depends on how efficient the contractor can lay the stormwater line starting at FM2499. For grassed areas in the ROW adjacent to the work, the contractor will address tall grass during the work in the area. Pecan Meadows would still need to maintain the areas outside the work area and any work in the flower beds. 


Following the project, the contractor may need to fix some irrigation lines, heads, and lay sod. Ultimately, the contractor is responsible for restoring the area to a condition as good or better as before the project.

Any updates the Board receives will be posted on this page.

Stage 2: Water Conservation Measures

The Town of Flower Mound has issued Stage 2 Watering Measures:

Watering lawns between the hours of 10am-6pm is prohibited

Residents with street addresses ending in an odd number can water on Wednesday and Saturdays.

Residents with street addresses ending in an even number can water on Sundays and Thursdays.

Residents may refill swimming pools on their designated watering days

Hand-held hose, bucket, or drip irrigation is permitted anytime.

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